Which universities around the world are studying hydrogen?

Many universities around the world are studying hydrogen, including its production, storage, and use as a fuel source. Here are a few notable universities:

University of California, Berkeley: The Berkeley Energy and Climate Institute (BECI) at UC Berkeley is a research centre focused on sustainable energy solutions, including hydrogen production and storage.

University of Michigan: The University of Michigan has a Hydrogen Energy Technology Laboratory (HETL) that conducts research on hydrogen fuel cells, storage, and transportation.

University of Tokyo: The University of Tokyo has a Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Group that focuses on research related to fuel cells, hydrogen production, and storage.

Imperial College London: Imperial College London has a Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Research Hub that conducts research on hydrogen production, storage, and utilization for clean energy applications.

Technical University of Munich: The Technical University of Munich has a Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology research group that works on developing new materials and processes for producing and storing hydrogen, as well as applications in fuel cells and other technologies.

Teesside University in Middlesbrough: The Tees Valley Hydrogen Innovation Project (TVHIP) Have developed an in house hydrogen plant in partnership with local companies, developing and finding safe use cases for its technology.

These universities are just a few examples of the many institutions around the world that are studying hydrogen and its potential as a sustainable energy source.