Solar Panels – Are They Right for You?

Well, we are told about the benefits of solar panels but are the costs for initial purchase prohibitive to most.

The question is, is solar worth the money?

Firstly, you must take into consideration that solar may not be for everyone’s home. We all like to do our bit for the environment, solar is one way of reducing any carbon footprint and helping the environment, and you don’t have a bill from your energy supplier for most of the year.

The current situation on energy costs is staring us squarely in the face energy companies have fallen like flies, leaving us with not too many to choose from, only the strong survived.

From our own personal experience, our bills did not rise as expected, we were very lucky and tied ourselves to a fixed contract till March 31st, 2023, a real-life saver.

I am leaning towards solar on the basis that the cost to buy as we speak is relatively low, as opposed to not having it fitted, I think we could lose out by not being a solar power convert?

You may have the wrong type of home?

As I have been assessed for solar, I do have the inside track, the solar company will decide if you are a candidate for the system or not, but they don’t always get it right.
Your panels must be placed in the most efficient position, thus giving you the best return for money invested. A spreadsheet on costs will help you decide whether solar is or is not for you, how long will the panels last, if you take finance, and how long will it take to repay finance charges, all this will aid in seeing if the decision to go ahead is right for you.

As with all technical equipment only have this installed by a fully authorised company, with accreditation from the manufacturer of the installation.

The Truth

All be solar is available now that can catch sunlight/daylight from many different angles, it is usually the case that if your house is south facing (in the UK Great Britain) your return on investment will work to your favor, getting more sunlight around the clock per annum.

Where is the best place for solar

Well it won’t take a brain surgeon to work this out, mostly in the UK they will be fitted to adequate roof space, with the positioning being south, southwest facing are guaranteed the most sunlight per year (in the UK Great Britain).

Look out for local authorities, they may offer deals to covert to solar

Always worth checking with your local council or authority, periodically they have a pot of money to help local people save money on their heating costs, like the grants you are offered for cavity wall and roof insulation, worth a shot as you never know. Like the old saying, “a shy kid gets no sweets”.

My home is facing the wrong way

Don’t let this dissuade you from solar, as I mentioned in a previous paragraph, the new design of solar panels can work extremely well in colder conditions as well.

What is the life span of solar panels?

As a reasonable estimate solar panels will last between 18 and 30 years, thus allowing you a return for your money invested. This is also governed by your own due diligence, the quality, the manufacturer, and any warranties to cover the full installation for its reasonable lifespan.
So, to the Big question, are they worth the hype?
The million-dollar question, as this is a truly hefty investment the decision is yours, if you finance the project correctly, with the right installation, in my opinion, you are making a good choice.


Dave Plummer