Population, how much food is required?

I guess one question comes to mind? Could the world have areas where the population of those regions, starve to death?

Scary I know, but some of the information is saying yes.

Image by: https://www.fao.org/3/x0262e/x0262e23.htm

As you can see from the map, the population growth is truly frightening in Asia. Estimates say we will reach 7 billion by 2050, personally think we may have arrived at that figure already, if not very soon, some academics are saying it could even reach the dizzy heights of 9.8 billion by 2050.

It is not uncommon for Asian families to have 6 or 7 children, they are known in many areas to bring into life, even more, they have a family explosion, but in truth do not understand the consequences.
This brings the question of birth control, through the most important facts of life, education.
Without this vital education, population growth and the requirement for even more food will lead to starvation, as never seen before.

This leads to how we deal with population growth, the land being used for anything but food, and giving people more power to control what goes on in their specific regions, all big questions that will take some debate at government levels before change can happen.
** Things that will never change, women mainly work farmland in Asia, and men own the land, but rarely work it.

As I see it from my perspective, change will start with weeding out greed, land destruction, reclamation of hectares of excellent farming land, and much given over to industry and new homes.
I am sure this change can only be achieved if local people and land owners are shown a better way of land management, instead of destroying the land, use the natural resources to enhance the land, don’t destroy your ace card, use it to your local advantage.

2 Feb 2020 — While the world produces enough food to supply the population, the distribution of that food is the real cause of starvation in Asia.

As I know nothing of how distribution works in Asia, I have a feeling that the movement of food in Asia is in a lot of areas based on fraudulent movements, where money and corruption control the mass food movements. (These are my thoughts, not the opinion of The Borgen Project).
Among the causes of food starvation partially in Southeast Asia, are most definitely the inequalities and outright poverty of this region, we see huge areas where children suffer malnutrition, through poor diet or lack of food.

Obviously, it isn’t only Asia that suffers starvation, Africa is the one that we all see on TV, many regions in Africa suffer from complex poor soil quality, and drought is also a major factor in whether a crop will succeed or not. That horrible word “conflict” also comes to play, with various factions wanting to steal or damage one another crops.

I also bring into this climate change, that whatever your beliefs are on the subject, it is playing its part. I believe there is a direct correlation between poor governance, and hunger leading to conflict.Percentage and number of people affected by severe food insecurity in 2016

Percentage Millions
World 9.3 (± 0.4) 688.5 (± 27.6)
Africa 27.4 (±0.7) 333.2 (±8.6)
Asia 7.0 (± 0.6) 309.9 (± 26)
Latin America 6.4 (± 0.3) 38.3 (± 2.0)
Northern America and Europe 1.2 (±0.1) 13.0 (±1.3)
Source: FAO, IFAD, UNICEF, WFP, and WHO. 2017. The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World 2017. 
Building resilience for peace and food security. Rome, FAO.

To close, we all are part of the solution in whichever way, we are intertwined in the problem, finding ways to help are another subject, as our beautiful planet changes day to day, we are left with a social-economic problem? What do we want to give up in terms of how we can help?

Let me know, as I am no expert……….