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My Pledge

Date of Pledge 1st April 2022.
Up to April 2022, I covered almost 20,000 miles in my hybrid vehicle creating 4.28 metric tons of CO2.

My pledge is to change the vehicle to a more CO2 friendly and reduce the mileage to 8000 miles bringing this down to 1.44 tons a saving of 2.84 metric tons.

I aim to do this by not attending so many face-to-face meetings, where possible having Teams or Zoom meetings.

Now 6 months into my pledge, I changed my vehicle in May 2022 to a Toyota Yaris Hybrid and I am currently at 3840 miles.

Stuart Davies

Founder of The Green Business Charter

I have visited many places around the world during my twenty-two years of service in the British Army. As a young man, I like so many others never thought about what impact our actions were having, I never understood the fragile ecosystem that we live in and that bio-diversity is key to our survival.

I came to realise that the truth is we all need to be accountable for our actions and what we are currently doing. We need to stop paying lip service to the climate dilemma and understand the catastrophic future we are building for our children’s children.

My view is we have to give our today so they can have their tomorrow. I am as you may note, passionate about this subject and passionate about making a difference, which is why we set up the GBC as a not-for-profit organisation as no one should profit from the mess we are in. We all need to come together and make changes, as each journey starts with the first step.

My Pledge

Date of Pledge 1st April 2022.

My current vehicle does 178g/km CO2 up to April 2022 I had travelled 16,000 miles creating 4.68 metric tons of CO2.

My pledge is first to reduce my mileage down to 8000 thus halving my emissions to 2.34 tons.

I aim to do this by carrying out car shares for networking and important meeting. Then for meetings which do not require attendance use Zoom.

Now 6 months into my pledge, I am currently at 3900 miles.

Dave Plummer

Co-Founder of The Green Business Charter

Over the past twenty years, I have owned and successfully operated several businesses, from finance to chauffeur services. I’ve had highs, and lows (think 2008), it really is the lows that you learn from the most. They taught me how vital a good strong network is.
My experience has shown me that the power of networking should never be underestimated. Some think it is only about selling, but I firmly believe that it’s also about connecting and sharing ideas, through professionals and industry leaders with varying interests, and perspectives. I believe the sharing and receiving of insights and ideas across generations and industries. Experience and education is critical to both personal and career growth. Everything starts with an idea!

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Donna Walker

Director of The Green Business Charter

I set out 12 months ago on a personal mission to add value to my area, I wanted to see the area and the people thrive and not just survive. The services I offer are for the main purpose of supporting businesses to grow and create new jobs for local people. I utilise my Commercial Business experience alongside my coaching experience to develop a team’s positive mindset and resilience in overcoming challenges.

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