Hydrogen fueling planes, now that’s an interesting concept

Wow, look what I’ve found, a plane that is powered by hydrogen, and even more, it can fly vast distances and not need to fill its fuel tank.

The FlyZero concept. Aerospace Technology Institute.
British technology at its finest, a project which is encompassed into a government-sponsored company called ATI, The Aerospace Technology Institute.
A concept plane hitting the drawing board could be fuelled with liquid hydrogen.

The project is to be known as FlyZero
This lean-mean machine which will have seats to accommodate around 279 passengers, will perform in a similar way to the current production models we see in every day flights today, but with one huge advantage, it will not produce any carbon emission.

We could be looking at the next generation of flight
The engine if like to call it will be supplied by hydrogen sent from four fuel tanks, here’s a word I have never heard of before, cryogenic, this is a super frozen method that stores hydrogen at around minus 418d. To put that into perspective, the natives of Alaska in the north pole live for most of the year at -40/50d, so at -418d that’s extremely cold.

U.K. Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng said

“By working with industry, we are showing that truly carbon-free flight could be possible, with hydrogen a frontrunner to replace conventional fossil fuels.”

So, what is the end game here?
We are hell-bent on carbon reduction, hydrogen could be that project, but it isn’t as simple as fueling with hydrogen, as the mass roll out of electric car charging points around the world, the same applies to carbon refueling, I will let you ponder on that one.

Will it ever get off the ground?
Well, a question that may be answered in the vast amount of money the UK government has piled into the ATI project, I am certain they will be expecting an ROI. But as we know from many failed projects in the past with humongous money thrown at them, we see them left on the scrap heap every year. We need to see on big paradigm shift for this to work globally, there is another one for you to ponder on.

Over n Out, Dave Plummer