How hot could our beautiful planet get in the next 75 years?

What models are being followed to guide us into the future……………
We would have to have rose tinted glasses fitted not to notice climate change seems to be on everyone’s lips, at a local level, government, and world superpowers.

So where do these super educated peeps get the information from? to make some of the mainstream comments that seem to be flying around.
Well let’s look, one of the biggest groups I can see is (IPCC) Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, this group has some clout, with direct contact to high level politicians, and decision makers.

Who else?

Firstly, we must mention the situation in Ukraine, this melting pot of hate and fury coming directly from Russia, Russia has always been a flashpoint with its neighbors, one comes to mind of a conflict in Crimea in 1853, a violent war over territory.

Then, dare we mention Corona Virus, it has been said that global Co2 emissions reduced for a while during the start of the pandemic in 2020, but this lead to the use of coal, mainly because its economical to buy, and readily available. The use of coal helped some economies stabilize during an economic crisis.

I guess till the final days of the pandemic; we will truly never know how the final playlist will come together.

So, what next?

Surely that is down to us, we are the only ones who can make mainstream change, we must stand up for our rights, conglomerate industry, giant pharma companies do not run our World, all be it may look like it.

Many of these giants are also contributors to climate change, quietly pumping many litres of Co2 into our atmosphere.

So where are we this topic, I am no article writer, but one thing I know, is that, if the situation doesn’t stabilize in Russia/Ukraine, being now frozen out of many parts of the world economy, how does this coheres with the world. China and great parts of America must come to the party.

I am a believer that we need much more than a few trees planted, that alone is not the answer, but what is, I am not an ecologist who con do complicated algorithms, graphs which monitor the most polluting countries. In truth I am at a loss with our planet.

Let me know what you are doing to reduce Co2.