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Show your interest in making a difference

We would like to welcome you in joining the GBC and showing your support while also helping raise your own profile.

We have a great membership offering, but let us tell you a little bit about what that provides.

We are all aware the planet is suffering, due to years of industrial progression, however, without these advancements, we would not be able to enjoy some of the things we do today, one of them reading this on a computer or mobile.

Joining the GBC is about helping the environment on a local and national basis. Let us explain a little about that to you.

A lot of people we have spoken to as we have been delivering talks on the environment have said it is up to the government to make the changes. That is not possible and when we look through history all change has come from the pressure of the common person. It is up to us to take control of this situation and drive change.


The GBC is aiming to bring on board a large membership base of businesses, all who want to help and support while also showing their green credentials. As we have mentioned in other areas on this site, we are a not-for-profit-based organisation, which means all funds go back into projects and not into the pockets of directors or shareholders, we have no shareholders.

When you join you will get an email which asks you to set up your password, this then takes you to the main portal. Membership is very simple it is £4.99 per month which you complete that as you enter the portal.

What happens with your £4.99 per month? Well, this is used for projects, initially, we have two projects running which will help the local area, one along the River Tees and the other toward Stokesley. Information on these will be found within the portal.

You get access to a logo that you can use on your website to say you are a member a membership certificate will be produced and added to your area, which you can also download and add to your website. Your business will be listed within our website with a small profile linking to your membership number.

We are just putting the final touches to a course that will help you achieve the carbon literate standard and also one on biodiversity. Both of which you can show on your website and use within tender documents, again to show your green credentials.

The courses will be subsidised, so your membership fee also goes to cover some of those costs.

The GBC is about making a difference, projects will not all be direct environment action, they can also be based on technology advancements to help the environment. As well as new practices to help turn old techniques that are failing into newer more environmentally friendly ways.

If non of that above helps make your mind up and you want to sit on the fence to see what happens, we will make just one statement. “We must act now and give our today, so that our children’s children’s children can have their tomorrow”

We have until the end of this decade to make radical changes, which will start to bring around change. I’m in my mid-fifties it is down to my generation and my children’s generation to act now and make the changes we need.