Fueling the Future

So what will fuel the future, what will fuel our planes, trains, boats, and cars? This is what is fixating teams around the globe as to what is the answer, and what resources will be used? And what will the by-product of the fuel be, what is the residue to the making of the next energy system, as there is always going to be one?
I believe this is a bigger question? How do we deal with the leftovers?

From my research, if we are to move forward with new fuel sources, it must be a product with little or no residual damage, now that’s hard to do. As with all manufacturing, there are by-products, so how do we cater to these, and repurpose them with minimal damage to our wonderful planet.

I am not a chemically educated person, but I do know right from wrong, we are spitting out all sorts of products without a single care for what collateral damage that may leave behind. Only one thing in mind, Money the Big $.

We as a caring business cannot stand by on the sidelines waiting for change to happen, we want to be change-makers, setting standards that will steer change, useful change, change that we can sleep at night with, knowing 100% that we tried, putting our full energy in every task or product we assist in its development. This may include the funding of your project, with our team helping implement your plan.

As a good old Northeast Lad from Billingham nr Middlesbrough, the heartland of England’s industrial past, we have in our local area been blessed with many jobs brought to our region by this industry.

I want to bring that prosperity back to our region, as like all great ideas starting local makes sense, we are currently looking for projects to move forward with, energy generation, Co2 capturing and reduction, tree planting, and many others.

The Green Business Charter (GBC) is partnering with businesses large and small, collaborating with universities to put ideas in front of them to achieve our goals, some admittedly are ambitious, but let’s be honest, “if you don’t dream big, there is no point”.

We are currently looking to raise funds by crowdfunding, along with a donation model as well as our own capital investment, maybe let us join forces, as sometimes 2 heads are better than one.

We are in exciting times, life appears to be returning to some sort of normality here in the UK, Covid 19 seems to be retreating, and at last, more borders are opening all around the World allowing us to travel, may be, just maybe we are in the right place at the right time, to make things happen.

Regards, Dave Plummer – MD.