Don’t we live in a strange world?

So where am I coming from, Covid to Ukraine, a pandemic and a war on a peaceful sovereign country, over the last 18 months we have seen some of the most turbulent times since the 2nd world war.

So where is this all going, what must change, what will it take to change, and who will be the changes?

Well here at Green Business Charter, I am not suggesting I will start a war, nor stop one, but what I want to do is start “a revolution”. Within the green supply chain, a stranglehold of accreditations through ISO14001 has been impressed on any company who wants to play with the big boys.
ISO14001 is expensive, and in a lot of cases prohibitive due to the time restraints, it would place on a company with limited resources, and low amounts of personnel.

GBC wants to level the playing field somewhat, we intend to bring in a standard that will allow the small to medium companies to enter the game, thus allowing them to gain contracts with the larger green supply chain companies.
At Green Business Charter through carbon reduction accreditation, we intend to give a recognized standard (badge of honor if you like) fully recognized by the larger green supply chain, this then gives you avenues to enter the green supply chain which would not normally allow you entry, without ISO14001.

We are a UK Company with innovation as our keystone, developing ideas for smaller companies to join in with the larger supply chain, a simple method with a strong ethos on helping you to succeed, therefore does not prohibit any small to medium enterprise from getting a chance in a big pond, and a slice of the previously forbidden business.

We know there is highly prized business sat out of reach of many companies, frustrated by the way they can see low-hanging fruit, but do not know the way to challenge the status quo.

We will introduce you to our technical team, they will analyze your business and find ways of saving on carbon usage, then design a tailored strategy to find a way to align you with the larger supply chain, this then opening doors to a plethora of business, business only is ever seen at the end of a dark tunnel where only the big guys live, praying on little fish.
I hope you like our ideas, please let us know your plans, and whether our services will propel you to the next level.

Dave Plummer – MD – Visionary?