Did you know, working from home can lead to more productivity, and less stress?

Did you know, that working from home can lead to more productivity and less stress?
I must mention it, that dreaded word Covid, many companies have been forced to adapt to the situation by allowing staff to work remotely from home.

Sounds fantastic, no travel, no rushing for the bus, no driving through suburban hell, and that’s after you have fought the Chelsea tractor run.

But all is not as it seems, right here I am, now what, where do I start? It’s easy when you are at your desk, you just launch yourself into your day. Your first problem is when a problem arises, there is no one to turn to, then the head-scratching begins, you must sort it on your own initiative, this then becomes a challenge.

Whilst home working it is so easy to grab a coffee, watch TV, or walk the dog, no one will know, will they.

Here are some tips on getting through working at home.

Let’s be honest here, we all know that home working is going to come with a unique set of challenges, being a home worker there has to be a certain amount of trust, after all, your employer expects a certain amount of “bang for their buck”.
Staying focused is a tough project, where routine becomes vital, set your space up, along with a time, then it’s work time. We will all have a different way of getting the job done, it’s finding one that works for you.

Whatever way you find to make it work, here are a few tips that may help.

1: I have found through my own experience it is beneficial to have your work area ready to roll every day, making sure your space has no access to the tv, therefore eliminating the main distractions. Also, try to work from the same area day after day, then this gives you familiarity, I am not one for music on whilst working, but each to their own. If possible, get a table and set up, preferably away from the hustle and bustle of the main house.

2: Set guidelines within the workspace, when you are at work it’s “no entry”, obviously unless a national emergency ensues. It might be wise to inform your nearest and dearest of your new work environment, and the times outside of work you are available.
3: Adding a routine to your day, is a must-do.

Without a plan, is a plan to fail as they say. This will all come together by treating each day as though you are going to work, get up, get showered, get work dressed.

4: Whilst home working you can become a bit familiar with your surroundings, a great way to keep fresh is to set aside some time for exercising. This gives you a break, it’s fun, and it will help relieve the stress of being in the same environment for long periods of time. We all need to stay healthy whilst we work.
5: Seating posture is a way of not putting too much strain on your back, remember you may not be in your favorite ergonomic chair at work, having a drink with you, cold water or diluted juice is good, and food is dealt with in the kitchen, not in your work area.
6: Working from home is completely different from an office, you will be surprised how many times you move around subconsciously, looking for help or advice on a problem or job. Task management is best in sections of time, you can become saturated in a subject, and then loses focus.

Setting goals within tasks is great, this then in a way sets timelines for getting a job done.

7: When working from home you must still react and keep consulting with your colleagues or suppliers, keeping the flow is vital.
8: The key to keeping the boss happy is communicating with others, this could be your up or downline. Either way working out a flow, or pattern to keep the ball rolling. Remote workers at times will definably see this as a challenge, mainly as you will not have the direct connection you are usually afforded.
9: Keeping up morale and being motivated will at times be a real-time challenge, you cant just pop up the corridor to get help and direction, this can be a great source of frustration, this is saying like an unfinished job or worksheet, as just because of the situation you cannot locate the right person for that quick answer, so you can move on.

#9. Motivation – While working from home, most of us would require external feedback and motivation, regularly. And planning to prevent from being overloaded by the to-do-list.
However, each person responds differently to getting motivated working in isolation, at home. You will have to learn and understand what works for you. If you get a happy buzz from the sense of accomplishment that is followed by finishing a task, use a pen and paper to get mentally rewarded by crossing off each item for the list. Or you could share the tasks done with your team.
Or else, you could plan your day the previous night to stay on track and focus on completing one task at a time.

I hope my tips and advice will help you maintain a balance that keeps you flowing, and the boss happy.
Why not share with us some of your tips and tricks to stay with it, or one step ahead of the “Work from Home Lifestyle”.

I have to say I am mainly a home worker, all be I love getting out to meet new clients, it suits my style and business.